Creative Blending LLC

2516 Waukegan Rd #355  Glenview, IL  60025

      Creative Blending has the ability to blend a variety of  sand, organics and other materials in order to meet the USGA recommended  specifications or your own "custom" blends. 

Products and services

Creative Blending will blend a rootzone mix that will meet the USGA recommended specifications, or we will be happy to blend a mix to your specific "custom" requirements.  And we can use the materials you provide or specify, or we can use our many established relationships with sand, organic, aggregate and numerous other suppliers across the country to provide you with the most appropriate materials for your project wherever it may be located. 

Materials Blending:

Materials Screening:

Creative Blending also has mobile screening equipment that gives us the capability to provide screening, resizing and difficult blending services for different types of sands, soils, gravels and a variety of other materials.  We can provide our screening service in conjunction with our blending services, or separately in a variety of other commercial landscape projects. 

     Communication between the certified independent soil labs
and our production team is an ongoing process.  From the first raw material sample to the finished mix, communication between you and our team is a primary goal. 

With Creative Blending as your mix or screening contractor, you can be sure you are getting the product you ordered. This is because we are constantly testing, from the Mix Design and raw materials testing prior to production, (if required), to daily "on-site" testing of raw materials, to finished product testing done by an independent certified lab.  And this data will be provided to you, so once you specification parameters are established, we will warrant that our products will meet them.   (See the Test Protocol tab for more information.)

Quality Control: