Creative Blending Rootzone Mix testing protocol

 When our Creative Blending crew and equipment arrives at the blending site to begin a project, but prior to going into  full production of the rootzone mix, batches of the mix will be blended and samples of these batches will be submitted to an independent USGA accredited laboratory to confirm that the raw materials are within agreed upon specifications, and to establish a BASE LINE for the rootzone mix during production blending.  Full production blending of the rootzone mix will not begin until analysis of these samples are received and approved.  The cost of these tests are covered in the blending price.

Preliminary Material Evaluation Testing

During the full production blending of the rootzone mix, a daily sample, (approximately every 1,000 tons), will be taken and submitted to an independent USGA accredited laboratory to be tested and compared to the BASE LINE sample for consistency.  The cost of these production tests are covered in the blending price, (unless the frequency of the testing is increased by the contractor). 

Production Rootzone Mix Testing

Our Creative Blending crew will run an "on-site" dry screen test of the raw sand on a daily basis to insure the ongoing consistency of the raw materials.   

Production Raw Material Testing

All ongoing tests and reports will be furnished to the contractor and a final Project Data Summary Report will be issued upon completion of the blending for the project.     

Production Raw Material Testing

In addition to the above Protocol, numerous other soil tests can be preformed, if required, prior to the start of a project, (usually several weeks).        Note:  Additional charges may be required for any of these additional tests.     

Additional Testing Options

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